Fadac Outsourcing is well positioned to provide the right advice and knowledge using a team of highly skilled, qualified and experienced procurement, sourcing and supply chain management specialists.

Our team has been extensively involved in many aspects of designing and implementing procurement & sourcing strategies, systems, processes and tools.

We are designed for business ready to take over their supply chain. We provide full product sourcing services, quality control/ assurance, global logistics solutions and market insight to help confidently scale your sourcing operations.

We source from the best suppliers. Sourcing the right supplier will make or break how successful your business is with importing from China.

Here’s how we help:

• In-depth sourcing to ensure you buy from a reputable supplier at the best price

• Access to our database of trusted factories

• Assurance that your supplier meets your spec and compliance requirements

• Onsite factory auditing and price negotiation

• Accurate FOB pricing and landed costs/ profitability calculations